Hello! My name is Chris Manfre. 

I am a 3D designer & animator obsessed with the 1980s. I love old-school hip hop, skateboarding, old buildings, microbiology & history.

Main focus

Currently, I am working a lot in 3D using Cinema 4D & Octane.
I love creating style frames and I am really into animation curves.


My foundation is in traditional design with an appreciation of type and color using programs like Photoshop & Illustrator.


My favorite thing to do is learn. I am currently learning how to use
Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and working in virtual reality.

Check out my 2022 animation reel!

Tribue to Roland 808 Drum Machine.
3D Animation.
Sound Design by Djunya.

I love exploring new ideas, techniques, and software.
Check out my Instagram account for further experiments in design, illustration, & animation.

I did a TEDx talk in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah.
The talk is about the importance of using design to help people learn science through new technologies
like augmented reality and virtual reality.

Check it out!

Let’s work together!

I am always interested in working on new projects. Have an idea? Let’s talk!

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