KRCL Logo Concept

Logos & Marks for Various Clients

A small collection of logos and marks. [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="50"] [thb_gap height="175"] [thb_gap height="175"] Ready to start a project? Contact Me! Read More

3D Set Design

Self initiated illustration series. Exploration of 3D set design using Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer. Focus on lighting and texturing techniques. Read More

Utah Film Commission 3D Illustration

Utah: 3D Illustration 3D illustration of the state of Utah. This playful illustration highlights the diversity of Utah's landscape. This illustration was commissioned by The Utah Film Commission as part of a promotional book called The Look Book. Ready to start a project? Contact Me! Read More

Mid Poly Trees

Illustration featured in Ethic Magazine, Spain. Originally a self initiated project that was published in the Pantone Gallery by Behance, and also Ethic Magazine in Spain. Read More
Eye 3D Model

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Animation

Lasik Eye Surgery Animation & Illustration Working with the creative team at Riser Agency in Salt Lake City, I was commissioned to create 3D illustrations and 3D animations of an eye demonstrating the Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure for Hoopes Vision. Hoopes Vision Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Riser… Read More

Rapture Ruckus In Crowd Comps

iTunes Cover Art Concept for the New Zeland band Rapture Ruckus. Client: First Company Management, Nashville, TN. In the end, they were never officially used. Read More

S camera

3D Typography: Letter: ``S`` Study of 3D typography. [thb_gap height="30"] [thb_gap height="30"] [thb_gap height="230"] Read More