Revenge of the Record Player 3D Animation

Animation and style frames for upcoming NFT 3D animation with dubstep producer Djunya. A story depicting a battle between the record and the needle. Spoiler alert. The needle wins but it is for the best for people who love music. Personal project that is intended to become an NFT. Read More

3D Beat-Box

3D Beat-Box! Personal project exploring lip-syncing with 3D animation in Cinema 4D and Ableton Live beats. Read More

3D Skateboard Illustration

Skateboard 3D Illustration. Exploration of 3D modeling, texturing and lighting with Cinema 4D and Octane with my favorite sport of skateboarding. Read More

3D Cassette Tape Illustration

3D Cassette Tape: Das Efx! Personal project exploring 3D modeling, texturing and lighting using Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer. Read More

Set Design Pt. 2

Past & Present. Exploration of texturing & lighting using Quixel, Octane and Cinema 4D. Set Design Continued exploration of interior set design using Cinema 4D and Octane. Exploring natural daylight and also 3D text. Read More

Degreed Illustrations

2D Concept Illustrations for an animation project with Degreed. Animations and style frames for part of a project with Publicis Sapient and Google. Read More