3D Illustrations of virus-like capsids

Client: Shepherd Laboratory Dept. Neurobiology & Anatomy University of Utah

3D Illustrations of virus-like capsids. 

These 3D illustrations demonstrate an exciting new discovery in neurobiology from Shepherd labs. The neuronal gene Arc encodes a protein that forms virus-like capsids

Product Visualization

3D animation demonstrating the Inscopix Nvista microscope workflow.

Deeper Insights into Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Jones Parker, former Stanford/Pfizer postdoctoral fellow, discusses his recent Nature paper, which sheds new light on the neural circuit signatures of Parkinsonian and Dyskinetic states.

My role on this project included 3D and 2D animation.
Technical and creative direction by Pushkar Joshi.

Brain Regions 3D Animation.

Animation showing regions of a mouse brain.

Client Feedback

Puskar Joshi, PHD