Mettis Trainer 3D Animation

Client: Mettis Trainer

The Mettis Trainer is an shoe accessory that captures and displays running performance information on a smartphone.

Each insert has three Bend Sensors™, one in the heel area, one on the lateral side of the foot and one on the medial side of the foot. Each sensor reads independently and will tell you when each area of your foot strikes and what percentage of pressure that area of your foot absorbs. The hardware in the insert will then immediately send that information to your portable device for REAL TIME feedback.

Working with the marketing team at Mettis Trainer and sound designer Rowan Stigner, we created an animation from 3D scans of the Mettis Trainer. 

3D Animation

3D animation demonstrating the Mettis Trainer.

Texturing and Lighting

Working with 3D scans of the Mettis Trainer I used HDRI lighting. For texturing I was given a real Mettis Trainer. I took it apart and matched all of the real textures with 3D materials.

Sound Design

Sound design was created by the talented audio engineer Rowan Stigner.

Style Frames.

3D renders using various lighting and texturing techniques.

Product Visualization.

3D animation displaying the Mettis Trainer. Sound design by the amazing Rowan Stigner.