Inscopix 3D Animations

Client: Inscopix

Working with the Inscopix team of scientists, I have created numerous 3D animations visualizing their innovative technologies and new discoveries in the field of neuroscience.

Inscopix is a discovery phase neurotechnology company in Silicon Valley, California, that is best known for transforming real-time brain mapping with itsĀ miniature microscope invention.

3D Animation

3D animation demonstrating the workflow of Inscopix minature microscopes and various brain regions.

Texturing and Lighting

Clean and polished HDRI lighting and semi-transparent reflective texturing.

3D Modeling

A combination of 3D scans provided by Inscopix and custom 3D models.

Product Visualization

3D animation demonstrating the Inscopix Nvista microscope workflow.

Deeper Insights into Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Jones Parker, former Stanford/Pfizer postdoctoral fellow, discusses his recent Nature paper, which sheds new light on the neural circuit signatures of Parkinsonian and Dyskinetic states.

My role on this project included 3D and 2D animation.
Technical and creative direction by Pushkar Joshi.

Brain Regions 3D Animation.

Animation showing regions of a mouse brain.