Lasik Eye Surgery Animation 

Client: Hoopes Vision.

Working with the Riser Agency creative team, and Hoopes Vision staff and doctors, I had the amazing opportunity to help explain the lasik eye surgery procedure through video and 3D/2D animation.

Hoopes Vision is a premiere surgical vision correction center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3D & 2D Animation

I worked with 2D animator Megan Morton to combine 3D and 2D animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Texturing and Lighting

We used HDRI lighting for a clean, clinical and reflective look. We also took a high res photograph of the iris and incorporated that into the final texture.

3D Modeling

3D model of the eye as a whole with an ability to cut and peel back the cornea. A side view of the eye that is cut in half.

Hoopes Vision Lasik Surgery Procedure.
Created to show patients before getting surgery.

3D/2D Animation: Chris Manfre
2D Animation: Megan Morton
Creative Director: Christian Broadbent

Still frames

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