Good Morning Intermountain Health Care Team!

Associate Degree: Graphic Design and Generals

Spy Hop: In-House Design Work 

Spy Hop is a youth media organization that offers classes in film, audio and design to teenagers 13-19.
As an In-House Designer I create things such as postcards, brochures, T-Shirts, Logos, Icons, Web Graphics and Animations.

Freelance Work

Utah Aids Foundation

2019 Utah Aids Foundation Gala Invite. Line Illustration, Concept & Layout.

Vector Line Art for the Spike 150 Celebration.
Commissioned by the Spike 150 Organizing Committee.

Freelance Work in 3D

Utah Film Commission: 3D Illustration of Utah Map

3D illustration of the state of Utah. This playful illustration highlights the diversity of Utah’s landscape.

Editorial Illustrations: Real Deal Magazine

3D illustration of high cost New York City Buildings.
Commissioned by The Real Deal Magazine in New York City.

The article discusses the difficulty in raising money for high end buildings in New York City. The illustration shows real New York buildings in an iconic form and their simple differences in price structure.

Behind the scenes. Creating the buildings in Cinema 4D.

Creation process in 3D Software

Lasik Eye Surgery Animation 

Client: Hoopes Vision.

Working with the Riser Agency creative team, and Hoopes Vision staff and doctors, I had the amazing opportunity to help explain the lasik eye surgery procedure through video and 3D/2D animation.

Hoopes Vision is a premiere surgical vision correction center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3D & 2D Animation

I worked with 2D animator Megan Morton to combine 3D and 2D animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Texturing and Lighting

We used HDRI lighting for a clean, clinical and reflective look. We also took a high res photograph of the iris and incorporated that into the final texture.

3D Modeling

3D model of the eye as a whole with an ability to cut and peel back the cornea. A side view of the eye that is cut in half.

Hoopes Vision Lasik Surgery Procedure.
Created to show patients before getting surgery.

3D/2D Animation: Chris Manfre
2D Animation: Megan Morton
Creative Director: Christian Broadbent

Still frames

Eye 3D Model

We can use design to help people learn about healthcare and science!

Custom Major at Westminster College: Biomedical Visualization.
Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in December 2018.