I am an illustrator, graphic designer & digital technology explorer.

My focus includes: Science visualization, 3D illustration, future tech educational tools and vector-pixel collages among others.
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Current explorations in virtual reality user interfaces using hand tracking with leap motion and oculus rift.
Programmed in C# with the game engine Unity3D. More to come soon.

I recently did a TEDx talk in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah.
The talk is about the importance of using design to help people learn science through new technologies
like augmented reality and virtual reality.

Check it out!

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I am always interested in working on new projects. Have an idea? Let’s talk!

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Plasma Polygon.

I am working on a new project with a science focus!

I am in the process of creating a website that focuses on high quality scientific illustrations and animations. In addition, I have begun creating experimental augmented/virtual reality applications using the Microsoft Halolens & Oculus Rift.

It is still in the beginning stages but please feel free to visit as I am building.

It will officially launch spring 2018.

Visit my new project